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10 Diabetic Foot Care Tips for National “I Love My Feet Day”

August 3, 2021|Categories: Health News|Tags: , , , |

People with diabetes must take careful steps to keep their condition - and their health - under control. This doesn’t only include monitoring your blood [...]

Living an Active Lifestyle using Urinary Catheters

July 29, 2021|Categories: Urology|Tags: , , |

Is your catheter use cramping your style? Lack of freedom is a common complaint for patients who live with a urinary catheter. Your schedule likely [...]

Summer Means Grass Mowing Season: 10 Ways to Combat Allergies

July 1, 2021|Categories: Allergy|Tags: , , , |

Many people claim to be allergic to yardwork, but what if you actually are? Grass pollen is one of the most common causes of outdoor [...]

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