If you’re prepping for your first visit with a urologist, it’s only natural to have butterflies in your stomach. After all, discussing urological health can feel a bit… intimate. To make things a tad easier and make sure you get the most from your appointment, we’ve jotted down five essential questions you might consider asking at your first appointment. They won’t only ease you into your health plan, but will also help build a strong bond with your doctor.

1. What do you need from me?

Why this matters: Every story has a beginning, and your health journey is no exception. Sharing your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and even those little embarrassing incidents can make a huge difference. This provides a clearer picture, ensuring you get the best possible care tailored just for you.

2. How will you diagnose my condition?

Why this matters: Diagnosis is a journey of its own, and we know medical jargon can sometimes sound like a foreign language. Beyond a physical exam, you may need additional tests like an MRI, a CT scan, or a biopsy. By understanding the tests or procedures involved, you’ll know what to expect. Knowing the ‘what’ can help you process, research, and make informed decisions moving forward.

3. What is your recommended treatment?

Why this matters: Your urologist’s advice is like a roadmap. Whether it’s a lifestyle change, medication, surgery, or even using products like intermittent catheters, knowing the plan can ease anxiety. (And you can sign up for our urology supply program to have intermittent catheters delivered right to your door!)

4. Are there any side effects or things I should watch out for with the treatment?

Why this matters: All treatments and medications carry some risk of side-effects. Although most are mild, it’s best to be in the know about what to expect – and what to watch for. Whether it’s a slight discomfort or something that needs immediate attention, being aware of potential side effects ensures you’re not caught off guard.

5. What can I do to protect my urological health?

Why this matters: Remember – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Even small steps that protect your urinary system can help slow disease progression, ease symptoms, and improve your quality of life. Your urologist can help you determine which steps to take to maximize your long-term health.

6. When will I receive the results of any tests you run? Do I need to schedule a follow-up visit?

Why this matters: Waiting can be the hardest part, and many tests don’t deliver same-day results. Knowing when you’ll get your test results can ease some of that anxiety. Plus, scheduling in advance? That’s just smart planning.

Remember, your urologist is there to help, and the more open the conversation, the better the journey will be. As you venture into this new chapter of your health journey, know that you’re not alone. Our team is here to be your dedicated pharmacy partner by providing intermittent catheters and supplies right to your door each month. Contact us today to learn more.