There are many ways to combat chronic allergies. Over-the-counter medications can keep mild cases under control, but those with more severe symptoms may turn to immunotherapy for more reliable relief. While allergists have been prescribing allergy shots for years with some success, a better method exists that can provide the same results with half the stress. We’re talking, of course, about sublingual allergy drops.

This safe and effective method of allergy immunotherapy has seen a recent rise in popularity thanks to several distinct advantages that aren’t available with traditional allergy shots. To help you make the choice between shots and sublingual therapy, here are the top eight advantages of allergy drops.

No Shots

If you aren’t keen on painful injections each month, allergy drops may be the answer for you. Allergy drops are applied painlessly under the tongue each day, offering effective allergy treatment with no added discomfort.

At-home Treatment

Chronic allergies are draining enough without adding in tiring trips to the doctor each week. Because oral allergy drops carry less risks and fewer side effects than traditional shots, they can be administered safely in the convenience of your home. Add in our easy delivery service and you get comfortable relief with no inconvenient commutes required.

Rapid Results

Oral allergy drops are taken in small amounts under the tongue each day, allowing patients to desensitize their immune response more quickly than with monthly shots. Many of our patients report noticeable relief in a few weeks, and the majority have marked allergy improvement within three months.

Less Restrictive

Due to their risks and regulations, traditional allergy shots are not recommended for patients under 7 or those with certain conditions. Oral allergy drops are safe and effective for all allergy sufferers, including young children, pregnant women, and even those with a history of severe allergic reactions.

Lasting Results

Unlike OTC allergy medications, oral allergy serums don’t simply mask your most severe allergy symptoms. By teaching your immune system to tolerate irritating allergens, allergy drops go straight to the source to provide real relief that lasts.


It’s difficult to be a world-traveler when allergy shots have you tied to your allergist for treatment. Oral allergy serums are portable and can be taken anywhere, making them a great option for frequent travelers. Our drops even comply with current TSA regulations for a convenient additional to your carry-on bag!

Worldwide Protection

Speaking of travel, oral allergy drops contain a broad panel of allergens from all over the globe. This means you aren’t just protected against local pollen, but can enjoy real relief from allergies wherever the road leads you. Our environmental compounds contain 118 different allergens, offering worldwide protection for allergy-weary travelers.

Simple Testing

Traditional allergy testing can be a long and painful process. Our routine testing takes less than 30 minutes and requires minimal discomfort, making it easier than ever to begin the journey to real, lasting relief from chronic allergies.