Sinusitis is a harmful infection that affects 31 million people in America.  It is caused by inflammation in the air cavities between the nasal passages. A healthy sinus is filled with abundant air. However, once the nasal passages are occupied with fluid, these are blocked. As a result, germs tend to grow and trigger a sinusitis. It can also be activated by allergies, irritants as wells chemicals.

Types of Sinusitis

  1. Chronic Inflammation
  2. Acute Sinusitis
  3. Subacute Sinus Inflammation
  4. Recurrent Sinusitis


The major causes of Sinusitis are listed below:

  • Nasal polyps that are present within the lining of the nose may activate this condition.
  • The common cold is another cause of sinusitis, as it swells the nasal tissue lining.
  • In case, there is a shift in the nasal cavity, you may also get a sinus infection.
  • Young kids may get this infection if they will have constant exposure to the smoke-filled atmosphere.
  • The septum is also responsible to block the nasal passages, resulting in sinusitis.


  • Your eyes, face, nose, cheeks will start to swell. You will also feel pain in these areas.
  • Your sense of taste will greatly change.
  • Along with that, you might not be able to smell nearest objects.
  • Along with shortness of breath, you will have difficulty in breathing.
  • In severe cases, a colorless and thick discharge from the nose will drop right down the throat.
  • You will feel a sore throat that will remain for longer periods of time.
  • Bad breath, nausea, and fatigue will cause irritation in most people.
  • You will experience extreme pain in your teeth,
  • Other than that, you will feel pain in your ears that will last for hours.

Who is at Risk?

  • In case, you have aspirin sensitivity, you might get sinusitis. 
  • With that said, people with asthma may suffer from Chronic Sinusitis.
  • Those people who have been exposed to smoke may also get this condition.
  • People who have a nasal passage abnormality are also at a higher risk of getting this infection.
  • If you already have any allergy like hay fever, your sinus will be adversely affected.

Treatment Options

  • First things first, you should properly wash your hands before and after you take food.
  • Every person who has this condition should avoid external irritants at all costs. This means you should be able to avoid sitting in a polluted atmosphere. You should also abstain from tobacco smoke. It would be wise not to go near people who smoke a cigarette. 
  • You should also have minimal contact with every person who has a common cold.
  • It is recommended to buy a humidifier. It will add moisture to your home environment, and there will be less dryness as well.

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