There’s something about summer that makes us yearn to pack a bag and set off for sights unseen. But if you have allergies, preparing for travel can feel harder than scoring a free flight upgrade. Between the changing environment, diet restrictions, and getting your meds through the TSA line, there are many challenges to overcome.

But don’t squash the travel bug just yet! With some careful planning and a few helpful tips, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable summer trip without the stress of allergy symptoms.

General Summer Travel Tips for Allergy Sufferers

Choose the right location. A forest in full bloom may be a stretch for those with pollen allergies. Similarly, someone with a seafood allergy may find it hard to feel full in coastal Maine. Be sure to choose a location that caters to your needs and doesn’t put you at unnecessary risk.

Research your destination. If you have environmental allergies, check local pollen counts and other allergen data for your destination. The AAAAI provides up-to-date pollen counts for North America and multiple other countries. Food allergy sufferers should research the local cuisine and look for dining options that offer allergy-free menus or other safe accommodations.

Pack your medications. Be sure to pack any prescribed allergy medications in your travel bag, including maintenance medications and immunotherapy treatments. If you’ll be traveling by plane, remember that all liquids must be under 3-4 ounces per container. (Luckily, our sublingual allergy drops are TSA-friendly!)

Prepare for Emergencies. Despite your preparation, accidents can happen. Be sure to pack any emergency supplies you might need, including epi-pen injections, inhalers, a nebulizer, etc. If you’re traveling with others, make sure they know how to administer your medication in case of emergency.

Try our Sublingual Allergy Drops. Why treat the symptoms when you can strike allergies at their source? Our sublingual allergy drops provide effective immunotherapy for dozens of food and environmental allergens across the globe. And unlike painful shots, our allergy drops provide lasting relief with just a few drops under your tongue each day! Visit us online to learn more.

Summer Travel Tips for Food Allergies

Pack Your Own Snacks. Don’t rely on airports or convenience stores to soothe your snack cravings. Bring safe, non-perishable snacks such as granola bars, nuts, fruit or popcorn to ensure you have something to eat while you travel.

Communicate Your Allergy. Notify airline staff, hotel staff, and any tour guides about your food allergy. Bring an allergy card with information about your allergies in the local language to help communicate your needs to restaurant staff and chefs.

Stay Vigilant. Always double-check the ingredients and preparation methods of your food to ensure it is safe for you to eat. Avoid eating “street food” that doesn’t come with clear information about the ingredients or cooking methods.

Travel Tips for Environmental Allergies

Choose Accommodations Wisely. Look for accommodations that have air filtration systems or offer allergy-friendly rooms. Avoid rooms with carpets or heavy drapes, which can harbor allergens. Consider packing a portable humidifier if you’ll be staying in hotels for several days.

Plan Activities Accordingly. Keep in mind that pollen peak times are early in the day. Try to schedule outdoor activities for late afternoon to minimize your exposure level.

Pack Protective Gear. Consider packing long clothing, sunglasses, masks, and a hat to protect your eyes, skin and lungs from exposure to allergens, especially if pollen counts are high.

Don’t let allergies squash your summer travel bug! Arm yourself with these tips and our sublingual allergy drops to plan and enjoy a safe summer trip. Bon Voyage!