Many people love to have cats and dogs in their homes. However, a majority of them is allergic to pets. The reason can be pet’s saliva, skin flakes, and mainly, dander. All these allergens seem to cause a severe reaction, which needs to be treated as soon as possible. Some external allergens also include mold and pollen that can be attached to a pet’s fur or hair.


The immune system produces certain kind of proteins that shield us from all harmful components. These proteins are termed as antibodies that prevent the chance of infections. In case, you are allergic to something, these antibodies will identify the allergen. Now, usually, these antibodies fight back but sometimes they become weak. In case of pet allergy, it causes inflammation in the airway package. Consequently, many people might suffer from shortness of breath.

  • All the pet saliva that can be stuck to your furniture, curtains, and carpets will become airborne. Now, whenever people breathe in the environment, they might get an allergic reaction.
  • The proteins that are found on the animal’s skin tend to create an allergic reaction as well. Many times, this allergy also occurs when someone is exposed to animal dander.


Pet allergy symptoms can be very clear and almost never go unnoticed.

  • Your nose will become stuffy or runny.
  • You may tend to cough more than normal.
  • Your eyes will become red, itchy, and filled with water.
  • You will sneeze more often.
  • Nasal congestion will result in facial pain.
  • You might develop hives or skins rashes.
  • You might face trouble in sleeping.
  • Young kids may tend to rub their nose more often.
  • You will feel facial pressure.
  • It might also cause chest tightness.
  • You might also develop asthma, and may face trouble with breathing.
  • You might hear a wheezing sound while in inhaling or exhaling.
  • Along with itchy skin, you may have to go through eczema.

Treatment Options

Even if you like pets, hanging around them will only get you in more trouble. In case, your neighbors have pets, you should not go near any of the animals.

  • In order to relieve yourself from a pet allergy, you can take bronchodilators and antihistamines.
  • You should also take some effective medicines like fexofenadine (Allegra), cetirizine (Zyrtec), and diphenhydramine (Benadryl).
  • Moreover, you can also go for nasal sprays, allergy shots or allergy drops.

Note: You should immediately visit your doctor if you feel like the nasal passage has been blocked completely.

Pet Allergy- Should you be Concerned?

In case, you love pets you do not have to give them away. Nonetheless, special care is required. After careful diagnoses of your symptoms, the doctor will create an elaborated treatment plan. Here, an important thing to note is that the treatment will largely depend on the type of allergy that you have. Once you will be able to carefully manage your symptoms, you can keep your beloved pet at your home.

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