Nebulizers are very useful devices which help administer many important medicines to the lungs directly. For patients suffering from numerous health disorders, which make it impossible to inhale normally, direct administration of drugs into the lungs is very useful. These are useful for people suffering from conditions like emphysema, cystic fibrosis, chronic obstruction of the pulmonary tract and asthma. For anyone suffering from respiratory issues, it is important to have a nebulizer close at hand at all times. Find out about the main types of nebulizers which are used today.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

In this kind of nebulizer, there is no requirement to combine saline mix along with the drug. The medicine is aerosolized with the aid of compressor that makes use of battery power. These nebulizers are highly portable and compact, and produce very less amount of noise than other equipments. As compared to other kinds of nebulizers, the ultrasonic variety is quicker and more efficient.

Jet nebulizers

These come with compressed air and offer a fine mist by using the liquid drug. Air passes from a compressor via a tube to a plastic cup that contains the medicine in a liquid form. Earlier models of these nebulizers were larger in shape and used to generate a lot of sound. These models could not be taken along on trips as these needed electric power to work. But the newest models happen to be more compact in shape and generate much less amount of noise. As compared to other kinds of nebulizers, the jet variety has a lower price tag.

Mesh Nebulizers

These are the costliest as well as the quickest of all the types mentioned here. These utilize the most state of the art technology in order to get the liquid medicine aerosolized. These are highly portable and appropriate for travel purposes. There is a vibrating membrane in this form of device which can manufacture an aerosol spray from the liquid drug which is inhaled by users. But these nebulizers need to be maintained regularly in order to have their efficiency preserved. The tiny opening has to be cleaned from time to time to clear any obstruction and make sure that the mist with drug is released faster.

Mini Nebulizers

These are the most compact shaped, and can be taken along easily. These are perfect travel options and can be used by anyone who needs a nebulizer regularly. Many of these weigh lower than 1 pound and can be fitted into pocket for easy access at any time.

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