In honor of National Kidney Month, we’re encouraging you to make an effort to be kind to your kidneys. Although only the size of your palm, these mighty bean-shaped organs are responsible for removing wastes and extra fluid from your body, maintaining a healthy balance in the blood, regulating blood pressure and red blood cell production, and more. In short, kidneys are a tough multi-tasker that deserve proper care this March and every other month of the year!

Many aspects of good kidney health are common sense – things like drinking plenty of fluid and eating a healthy diet, and quitting smoking. Other practices like monitoring medications and treating underlying conditions are less clear, but still extremely beneficial. So you can keep your kidneys in the clear, we’re sharing our comprehensive kidney health roundup to give you easy access to a whole list of kidney-related resources!

7 Ways to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

If you want to stay healthy, you need healthy kidneys. We all know kidneys love cranberry juice, but there are several other ways you can take care of your kidneys to keep yourself healthy for years to come. Dive into seven actionable steps to help keep your kidneys in optimal health.

A Beginner’s Guide to Kidney Stones

Though small in size and usually harmless, kidney stones pack a big punch. So you can know what to expect should you get one, here’s everything you need to know about kidney stones – their causes, symptoms, and treatments.

7 Things to Know about Intermittent Self-Catheterization

While intermittent catheters empty the bladder, addressing urinary incontinence can help take pressure off the kidneys and reduce harmful urinary tract infections. If you have kidney or urinary tract issues, take control over catheterization with these simple tips.

UTI in Children: What You Need to Know

Kidney infections are one of two main types of Urinary Tract Infections that occur in children. Children are at greater risk of permanent kidney damage due to a UTI, making it extremely important to treat them quickly. Here’s what you need to know to spot and treat a UTI in your child.