Taking medications, testing blood sugar, eating well, and exercising often – it’s a day in the life of someone with diabetes. Daily management is a staple of diabetes care and doing it alone can be a challenge. If you know someone with diabetes, your support can help bridge the highs-and-lows that come with this chronic condition. Here’s how you can help.

Learn about diabetes.

The first step for family members is learning as much as you can about diabetes—what it is, how it works, and how to best manage it. What does an emergency look like, and what should you do? You can ask your healthcare provider for resources and tips, join a local support group, or ask your loved one if you can tag along on an appointment.

Support healthy habits.

Making healthy lifestyle choices is an important part of diabetes management. You can support your loved one’s health by encouraging them to stop smoking, eat nutritious meals, exercise regularly, and stay on top of their blood sugar. Better yet, make it a team effort by changing your own habits to reflect a healthier lifestyle!

Offer emotional support.

Living with diabetes can be emotionally taxing. Not only is the condition overwhelming, but swings in blood sugar can also cause mood swings that add to the stress. Having family members to lean on for emotional support is invaluable. You can provide encouragement during tough times, celebrate successes, offer advice, and be a listening ear when they need to talk through it.

Help with meal planning.

A healthy, balanced diet is one of the most important aspects of managing diabetes. Healthy eating habits can be hard to stick with, especially if others in the house have a sweet tooth. Offer to help out with meal planning by researching nutritious recipes, shopping for fresh ingredients, pre-portioning snacks, etc. Cooking together isn’t only beneficial for health, but also helps create quality time together as a family!

Be an exercise buddy.

Fitness is always more fun with a friend! Look into local classes or activities you can participate in together, like cycling classes or buddy bike rides. Even planning daily walks around the neighborhood can help them manage weight and keep their blood sugar stable.

Watch for signs of struggle.

Family members are often in the best position to monitor health progress since they see their loved ones on a regular basis. Look out for signs that diabetes is not being properly managed, such as sudden changes in weight, behavior, or mood. Address any health concerns calmly and without judgment, and contact a medical professional if you suspect an emergency.

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