With its giant focus on sweets and treats, Valentine’s Day can leave those with Diabetes feeling a little sour. High amounts of sugar and carbs can send blood sugar levels skyrocketing, so buying the traditional chocolates and candies may not be the best way to say “I Love You” to the person with diabetes in your life.

Luckily, sugar-laden sweets aren’t the only way to show your love on Valentine’s Day! Instead, try one of these diabetes-friendly ideas to keep your loved one happy and healthy this year.

Non-Edible Gifts

There are plenty of ways to treat your sweetie without wreaking havoc on their blood sugar. You can send flowers with a thoughtful note or select a candle in their favorite scent. If they’re all about caffeine, a cute coffee mug with a catchy saying like Keep Calm and Diabetes On can add some humor to their morning pick-me-up. A new book, some perfume, a nice knitted scarf – the possibilities are truly endless!

A Day Out

Why not plan a thoughtful day together? Spending quality time is one of the best ways to share you care at any time of year. You can go catch a movie, visit a museum, take a nature walk, head to the beach, or just spend the afternoon catching up on conversation. Enjoying time together is one gift you can guarantee won’t wind up in the back of a closet!

Safer Sweets

Even diabetics have a sweet tooth, and there are some decadent treats that are more diabetes-friendly than others. If they’re crazy about chocolate, opt for a small portion of good-quality dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa is best.) You can even drizzle a bit over a batch of fresh berries or toasted nuts for an extra special sweet!

Take care when choosing sugar-free or “diabetic” candies. These are often made with artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols that can send your loved one running for the toilet – which is not how they want to spend their special day.

A Home-Cooked Meal

A night out is nice, but many restaurant dishes are loaded with hidden sugars, carbs, and other ingredients that are not safe for stable blood sugar. Instead, whip up a diabetes-friendly dinner at home and set the mood with low music and flickering candles. If you prefer to start the day off special, try a tasty breakfast in bed by serving whole wheat waffles topped with cinnamon and cut into hearts with a cookie cutter!