The start of a new year is the perfect chance to commit to healthier choices. That’s the reason behind making yearly resolutions, whether it’s to stop smoking, get more exercise, or spend more time on self-care.

Unfortunately, the majority of us don’t make it long before we’re back to our old ways. That’s because many people choose resolutions that are unrealistic, too restrictive, or just plain hard. Who wants to start the year hating your daily habits?

Luckily, you don’t have to throw in the towel on this new year tradition. The key to living a healthier life is making commitments you can keep – and there are plenty of healthy habits that are effective and enjoyable. Here are a few of our favorites to get you inspired.

Drink More Water.

This is one of those small changes that can have a huge impact on your health. Beyond helping with hydration, drinking plenty of water can elevate your mood, improve your complexion, keep your organs healthy and even give you a boost of natural energy.

64 ounces per day is the well-known recommendation, but it’s ok to start small. Even adding an extra glass per day first thing in the morning is a step in the right direction! If you find yourself struggling to sip, consider adding some flavor to your glass with fresh-cut fruit like cucumber or lemon.

Sit Less, Move More.

We all know the pros of physical activity but being more active doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. Studies show that moving for just 10 minutes per day can help reduce the health risks of prolonged sitting, which include increased anxiety, a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and even early death.

Which is great news for those who spend long hours camped in front of a computer screen (let’s face it – that’s most of us). Try to stand and stretch at least once every hour and aim to take a quick walk each day, even if it’s just around your home or office.

Ditch Dieting.

Surprised? Hear us out. Chronic dieting – especially through risky fad diets – is actually bad for your physical and mental health. Plus, most people who lose weight through restrictive diets gain it back with interest within a single year.

Instead of making a resolution to lose weight through harsh restrictions, focus on filling your plate – and your pantry – with healthier foods. Things like whole grains, fresh produce, and lean proteins are delicious, healthy, and filling, making it easy to lose weight without watching every bite.

Treat Your Allergies.

It’s not a trick – there’s really an easy and effective way to say goodbye to those pesky allergy symptoms for good. Our sublingual allergy drops combine powerful immunotherapy with professional compounds to deliver lasting relief in just a few drops under your tongue each day. It doesn’t get easier than that! Best of all, they’re effective at treating a wide variety of food and environmental allergens, and many patients see results in as little as three months.