Brunch is far more than a late-morning meal. This popular weekend staple is all about sleeping in late, spending time with your faves, and making the most of those bottomless mimosas. In fact, brunch is so beloved in the U.S. that it has its own holiday: April is National Brunch Month!

But if you’re diabetic, navigating brunch can feel more like a minefield. Brunch is typically packed with carb-heavy dishes and sugary cocktails, which can be a disaster for diabetic-friendly diets. But you don’t have to skip Brunch Month to keep your blood sugar in check. We’ve got some tips and ideas to help you brunch with the best without disrupting your healthy routine.

1. Start with a morning snack

Brunch typically begins around 11am, and it’s tempting to skip breakfast so you can indulge. But skipping meals is never smart for diabetics, as it makes it more likely that you’ll overeat (and can lead to dangerous blood sugar dips). Instead, start the morning with a small snack packed with protein and fiber. Some great pre-brunch snacks might include:

  • Oatmeal sprinkled with berries or flaxseed
  • Greek yogurt topped with nuts
  • Avocado toast on whole-grain bread

2. Swap out sugars

From sugary cocktails to drizzly syrups, brunch is a sweet affair. But all that sweetness can quickly turn sour if you have blood sugar issues. Opt for alternative sweeteners or sugar-free options when possible. You can even make a sweet berry compote for a smart topping that supports cell health!

3. Manage portion sizes

Brunch and bottomless go hand-in-hand, but all-you-can-eat doesn’t pair with diabetes. If you’re eating out, be mindful of restaurant portion sizes and avoid the temptation to pack your plate. You can always go for seconds if you find a new favorite!

4. Make your own brunch menu

Dining out can be daunting if you have diabetes. But brunch doesn’t require a restaurant! You can create a happy and healthy brunch in the comfort of home and have better control over what you consume. Not sure what to make? Try these recipes:

With these tips and ideas, you can brunch all month long and still control your condition. While you’re in-between brunches, be sure to test regularly and minimize stress with our diabetes testing supply program. We’ll deliver the supplies you need right to your door to manage your diabetes around the clock.