August is National Wellness Month, and there’s no better time to focus on habits that build a healthier, happier you. While the choices that make you feel your best may look different for everyone, there are a few ways to wellness that are mostly universal.

Incorporate these healthy habits all month long and see how far you get on your way to wellness!

Drink Plenty of Water

Hydration is key to optimal health and happiness! Besides quenching your thirst, water lubricates the joints and helps your body transport the nutrients it needs for energy and healing. If your water intake is wanting, increase your intake to ensure you’re getting the fluids you need to feel your best. If you want a little wow with your water, add a flavor infuser or some old-fashioned fruit to your glass for a tasty twist.

Strive for Better Sleep

During the month of August, practice good sleep hygiene by avoiding alcohol or caffeine late at night, stowing away the screens at least an hour before bed, and setting aside enough time to complete your sleep cycles. No more snoozing through your afternoon meeting! Even a few extra minutes of shut eye each day can lead to positive changes in your mood, energy, appearance, and overall health.

Strike Out Sugar

The average American consumes 22 tablespoons of sugar per day, and most of it is hidden in deceptively healthy items like fruit juices, pasta sauces, alcohol, and even salad dressings. This excessive amount of sugar leads to heart disease and diabetes and is one of the leading causes of that nasty afternoon crash that leaves you tired and testy. If possible, swap to healthier sources of sugar like fresh fruits and low-fat yogurt.


Even if you can’t do it well (yet), exercise is crucial to wellness. If you’ve been putting it off, make your move during National Wellness Month by incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Just 30 minutes of moderate activity per day has amazing benefits for your physical and mental health, can reduce chronic pain, and helps you become a fitter and more fabulous you.

Make Time to Meditate

Meditation may feel a little silly at first, but it’s impact on your wellness is as serious as it gets. Experts agree that mindfulness and meditation can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, manage stress, and even lower your risk of heart disease. Meditation comes in many forms, so try the type that speaks to you for just 20 minutes every day during August (and beyond).