Remember the days of endless finger pricks and blurry vision from guessing your blood sugar? Those are relics of the past, thanks to the incredible world of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). These little superheroes tucked discreetly under your skin paint a real-time picture of your glucose levels, making diabetes management a whole lot smoother. But hold on, sugar sleuths – your CGM has more hidden perks than you might think! Take a peek at 7 things to know about your CGM to take diabetes control to the next level.

1. Say Goodbye to Fingersticks

One of the biggest advantages of using a CGM is the reduced need for painful and inconvenient fingersticks. CGMs continuously track your glucose levels through a tiny sensor inserted under your skin that transmits information to your smartphone or receiver. No pain, all gain!

2. It’s a Sugar Trend Spotter

Don’t be fooled by just a single glucose number. Your CGM is a modern trend spotter that paints a picture of your sugar’s ups and downs over time. See those gradual rises after lunch? Maybe swapping to whole-wheat pasta instead of white is the answer. Notice that post-workout dip? Time to celebrate a successful sweat session and refuel wisely! Tracking these trends is like watching your own personal sugar roller coaster – but with the power to adjust the tracks and create a smoother ride.

3. It Even Tracks Sugar as you Snooze

Forget tossing and turning with worry about midnight sugar spikes. Your CGM is a nocturnal ninja, tracking your glucose trends as you snooze. This can expose the dreaded “dawn phenomenon,” where your sugar inexplicably skyrockets before sunrise. Armed with this intel, you can tweak your pre-bed routine or medication to greet the day with a steady blood sugar line. No more waking up feeling like a grumpy gremlin – hello, sunshine glucose stability!

4. Customize Alerts for Tailored Results

Most CGMs come with customizable alerts that can notify you when your glucose levels are too high or too low. The Dexcom G7 CGM System even offers alerts that sound up to 20 minutes before you go low so you can stay on top of your sugar levels. You can fully personalize alert sounds and settings to best fit your needs for tailored control on your terms.

5. It Connects with Your Healthcare Team

In diabetes management, sharing is caring (at least with your doctor.) Thanks to a connected mobile app that links right to your smartphone, you can easily share your glucose data with your healthcare provider. The Dexcom G7 can share your glucose readings with up to 10 people through the Dexcom Clarity App, while The FreeStyle Libre 2 app stores real-time data and an 8-hour history of your blood sugar trends. This collaboration can lead to better tailored treatment plans and shorter doctor visits.

6. Understand Patterns for Improved Insulin Control

Are you nailing your insulin dosing, or just winging it? Your CGM can be your insulin sensei, showing you how effective your current regimen is at keeping your glucose in check. This data can inform discussions with your doctor, leading to smoother sailing on your diabetes journey. Think of it as a transparent dialogue with your body, allowing you to fine-tune your insulin strategy for optimal sugar control.

7. Current and Future Glucose Control

Don’t just react to your numbers, predict them! By analyzing your CGM data and habits, you can anticipate future glucose trends. Did a late-night pizza craving hit? Check your predictive trend arrow for potential rises or falls, and maybe pair your pie with a brisk walk to keep things balanced. This proactive approach empowers you to take control of your glucose and avoid unwanted surprises. Your CGM is more than just a monitoring device; it’s a partner in peak health and peace of mind.

Embracing a CGM can significantly improve your diabetes management and overall quality of life. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of continuous glucose monitoring, join our CGM program at America’s Best Care Plus. We currently carry two major brands of CGM systems to put personal control in the palm of your hands. Get started today and take a step towards a healthier, more informed life with diabetes.