After surviving the past few years, we could all do with a few more wellness gifts this holiday season (and a bit less clutter in our closets). Gifts that encourage wellness are a great way to show your loved ones that you’re thinking about their health and happiness – and it’s the thought that counts, right?

If you aren’t well-versed in wellness yourself, don’t fret. There’s no right way to wellness, and there are an endless amount of choices that are perfect for every person on your list. Here are some ideas to help you get inspired.

A Spa Session

The spa is a great place to indulge in some soothing self-care. If your friend already has a spa on speed-dial, cover a future appointment or buy a gift card to encourage them to book a session. If they don’t have a specific spa (or don’t use one at all), help them create their own spa experience with a kit full of at-home spa supplies like bath bombs, facial masks, lotions, essential oils, and candles. Don’t forget the fluffy robe!

A Massage

A massage is such a magical gift it deserves its own category. A relaxing rub-down can boost the immune system, reduce stress, improve circulation, and increase mobility. Plus, it just plain feels good! If you aren’t a trained masseuse, procure a gift card to a nearby parlor.

Sleep Supplies

If a person on your list has a deep love – or dread – for catching zzzz’s, pick a product that helps them bond with bedtime. Your choices are basically endless – sleep masks, noise machines, luxury sheet sets, soothing pillow spray, or a perfect pair of PJs are all great options. You can even send them a subscription to a sleep-aid app or some downloadable audiobooks to help them drift into dreams!

Peaceful Picks

We all need a rest from the rat race every now and then. Encourage your loved one to take a blissful break with a gift that promotes peace and inspires positivity. This could be a weighted blanket, aromatic candles, a meditation cushion, a gratitude journal, or a calm-inspired coloring book.

Fitness Finds

Whether the person is a fitness lover or needs a little motivation to get moving, exercise is a wonderful way to better wellness. If they’re already engaged in exercise, go for new gear like a sturdy water bottle or the latest fitness tracker. If they’re a newbie, sign them up for a guided class or a membership at the local gym.