If you suffer from chronic allergies, you’re probably used to running to the medicine cabinet for a quick fix when allergy season strikes. But what if what you pulled from the shelf wasn’t a temporary (and often sleep-inducing) fix, but a lasting solution to your worst allergy symptoms that was pain-free, convenient, and effective?

It’s entirely possible with our sublingual allergy drops!

These drops use Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT) to treat and reduce troubling allergy symptoms. Given as a few drops under the tongue each day, they work by desensitizing your body’s immune system to allergy-inducing triggers like pollen, pet dander, nuts, and more.

Users say the sublingual allergy drops provide lasting relief in a form that’s effective, safe, comfortable, and easy to use. Read on to learn more about the great benefits of sublingual allergy drops!

Effective & Safe

Studies have shown that sublingual immunotherapy significantly reduces symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It has been widely used in Europe for years to treat chronic allergies and is endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a viable alternative to traditional allergy shots.

But they aren’t just effective – they’re also safe to use. Sublingual allergy drops have been shown to have fewer side-effects and less risk of severe reactions than traditional injection therapy. They’re also approved for a wider variety of patients, from children as young as 2 to pregnant women to those with severe allergic reactions.

Treat Food Allergies

Traditional allergy shots are not effective in treating food allergies, leaving many patients forced to strictly avoid certain types of foods. Our sublingual allergy drops cover 59 different allergens and proteins.

Lasting Results

Allergy medications like antihistamines or nasal sprays mask troubling allergy symptoms so you feel better temporarily, but after a few hours you’re back to sneezing and sniffling. Our sublingual allergy drops treat the source of your allergies, desensitizing your body to triggering allergens to give you lasting relief for years.

Convenient & Portable

Sublingual allergy drops are taken easily in the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for draining trips to the doctor. Your treatment drops come in portable 2-ounce bottles, making them perfect for throwing in your purse or airline carry-on bag for easy travel.

Less Discomfort

Remember how we said allergy drops are safe for young children? That’s an even bigger benefit when you realize they’re completely pain-free. A few simple drops under the tongue each day provides powerful relief with absolutely no discomfort!