If there are two words that rarely go together, it’s exercise and snacks. In fact, too much of one is usually why we do the other! (Though we’ll leave it to you to put it in the right order.) But one new fitness phenomenon is combining the two concepts into a bite-sized treat for your health. It’s called exercise snacks, and it’s not what you think.

What are Exercise Snacks?

Exercise snacks consist of short, intense bursts of activity that can be done anywhere and anytime during the day. They are typically 10-15 minutes in length and can be as simple as taking a brisk walk around the block or doing a few sets of squats in your living room. The idea behind exercise snacking is that it can be easily incorporated into your day without disrupting your normal routine. By breaking up your workouts into smaller, manageable chunks, you can get the same benefits as longer sessions but with less effort and time commitment!

How Does it Work?

We all know that regular physical activity can bring a big health boost. But studies have shown that “regular” is variable, and that shorter bursts scattered through your day can be just as beneficial as one long session. It may actually be better–it’s easy to stick with, allows for maximum effort, and helps combat prolonged sitting by encouraging you to move more often.

The key to making exercise snacking work for you is consistency. You should try to fit in at least one snack per day; more if you’re feeling ambitious! Any type of physical activity counts as an exercise snack, so you can tailor them to fit your lifestyle and interests. Some ideas include doing a set of chair squats, going for a walk around the block, or even playing tag with your kids.

Who Should Do Exercise Snacks?

Exercise snacks are great for anyone who wants to stay active but doesn’t have the time or energy for long, drawn-out workouts. They’re particularly great for those with asthma or other lung conditions, as they reduce the risk of over-exertion. Even those who already have an established exercise routine can benefit from adding snacks throughout their day; not only does this help improve physical conditioning but it also boosts mental health by providing stress relief and increasing endorphins!

Exercise snacking won’t curb your cravings, but it can improve your overall health. Looking for another way to make staying healthy a little easier? Sign up for our specialty supply programs! From allergies and asthma to diabetes, we can help you manage health conditions with quality supplies delivered right to your door. Visit us online to learn more.