Payer 5 Star Program

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Payer 5 Star Program Benefits

  • Improve Patient Health via Compliance Program
  • Reduce Risks Associated With Exacerbations and UTIs
  • Reduce Hospitalizations/Re-hospitalizations and E.R. Visits
  • Improve CMS STAR Rating
Star Compliance Program

America’s Best Care Plus Is Dedicated To Providing The Best Care And Service To Our Customers—Including Our Patients, Business Associates, And Payer Partners.

Our Commitment To Working With Our Business Associates and Payer Partners Has Resulted In 100% Increase In Business Over The Last 2 Years.

Through Our STARx Compliance Program, We Work With Insurance Companies and PBMs to Manage Patient Medication Compliance, Decrease Per Capita Spend, and Improve CMS STAR Ratings.

Why ABC Plus?

  • Medication Compliance Management For 18 Years
  • 93% Patient Compliance Rate Exceeds Medicare’s Compliance Benchmark Of 80%.
  • 2.5% Medicare Claim To Audit Ratio
  • 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate!
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